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Seasons – kindergarten Science

March 11, 2009

seasonsWe learn about the Season in Kindergarten Science. To add to all the great resources given to us we did other activities.

* A fun idea to represent the season is using an apple tree. An apple tree looks different during each season of the year and could be used as part of their lapbook as a picture, or cutting out and pasting what a tree looks like in each of the four seasons. You could also have children cut out articles of clothing to represent each season. There are thousands of ideas out there for this fun theme.

The reasons for the Seasons

Lots of multi media interactive activities related to the seasons

Sun & Earth

National Geographic Explanation

The differences in the Seasons

Seasonssongs and poems

FALL – Autumn

Autumn Lapbook

Fall Activities

Spring Lapbook / Easter / Flowers/ Animals

EASTER Lapbooks – Christian

Resurrection Egg Lapbook
Palm Sunday Lapbook
A lot of Different Lapbooks
– simple easy ideas to record what they learn

Animal Related Lapbooks
Animals that hatch from eggs would be cute?
Here are some hatching eggs that would be super cute!

Farm to the Family”

more on Spring…
has songs, poems, activities, word searches, etc. at their web site for
Easter, Spring, and Insects
Perpetual Preschool – Spring Theme
Springtime Fun at Kid’s Domain
Sunshine Crafts at Spring – Activities and Resources Astronomy, Animal and Plant Sciences, Art Projects, & Activities and Worksheets

Summer Activities & Lapbooks


Snowflake Bentley -Step back in time to learn about the man who taught us that “no two snowflakes are alike.” We travel to Jericho, Vermont to recreate the life of a simple, self educated farmer that took amazing pictures of snowflakes (still found on many products today) and after decades of work, became known the world over as the “Snowflake Man.”

Online Snow and Snowman
Activities & Games

Kids Domain Winter Games
Your Own Snowman @ FunSchool

Paper Paint Online
Snowflakes, candy cane, wreath, and holiday coaster.
Snowman 4000 Construction Kit
Snowman Thing-a-ma-jig
The Snowflake Game


Early American History Kindergarten

January 5, 2009

There are TOO many resources on the internet. My bookmark menu is filled to the brim. I need to sort and organize all these great resources that I found for my oldest…I have at least three more to go through the same material in the next two years.


Thanksgiving Lapbook a great resource for creating a lapbook for the first settlers. (here’s an beautiful Thanksgiving Lapbook example created by a daddy for his homeschooling kids)
Thanksgiving crafts and projects from Kindergarten Teacher
Lesson Plans for Pilgrims including MayFlower Compact, Squanto and scripture verses
**Lessons for fall – includes Math games, Science games/explorations, Bulletin boards, Arts & Crafts, Rhymes, Suggested reading

Our First Government & Colonies

America’s Christian Heritage yes children, our country was founded on biblical principles by men who put God first
Colonies – includes children in colonial America, images, a day in the life of…

Teacher Resources
from Download Learning- Refresher Course for Timelines of all different eras, quick interactive media suited for older children
( it was really helpful refresher for me and helped me find direction when her curiosity extended past the lesson plans)