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Early American History Kindergarten

January 5, 2009

There are TOO many resources on the internet. My bookmark menu is filled to the brim. I need to sort and organize all these great resources that I found for my oldest…I have at least three more to go through the same material in the next two years.


Thanksgiving Lapbook a great resource for creating a lapbook for the first settlers. (here’s an beautiful Thanksgiving Lapbook example created by a daddy for his homeschooling kids)
Thanksgiving crafts and projects from Kindergarten Teacher
Lesson Plans for Pilgrims including MayFlower Compact, Squanto and scripture verses
**Lessons for fall – includes Math games, Science games/explorations, Bulletin boards, Arts & Crafts, Rhymes, Suggested reading

Our First Government & Colonies

America’s Christian Heritage yes children, our country was founded on biblical principles by men who put God first
Colonies – includes children in colonial America, images, a day in the life of…

Teacher Resources
from Download Learning- Refresher Course for Timelines of all different eras, quick interactive media suited for older children
( it was really helpful refresher for me and helped me find direction when her curiosity extended past the lesson plans)